Blow Molding

When it comes to extrusion blow molding, C-K Plastics is not your typical bottle molder. We specialize in smaller shot sizes, complex shapes, and small sized runs. In this we offer a unique experience in the extrusion blow molding sector.


  • Shot sizes up to 2 lbs. 
  • Difficult and time-consuming shapes
  • Small runs are no problem 
  • Custom color matching
  • Olefin materials 
  • Full line of secondary services available such as punching, drilling, and trimming

Whether you have an existing mold or need to have a mold made for a new part line, we are here to help. Once the new mold is made or your existing mold has arrived if any issues arise, we can complete many mold repairs in-house to save on downtime and expense.

If you have a part that larger blow molders won’t touch contact CK Plastics.  We have the specialized expertise to make these types of jobs a reality.