Injection Molding

C-K Plastics along with our parent company Technical Industries and our local network of injection molders offer a broad range of capabilities with presses ranging from 7.5 to 500 tons.


  • Micro Molding 
  • Overmolding 
  • Insert 
  • Large Material Selection  


We have experience running a large range of materials from commodities grade to high strength and high temperature grade materials.

  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • EMI Shielding Materials and Fillers
  • Clear and Transparent
  • Conductive
  • High Temperature Conductive and Shielded
  • Thermoset

Industries Served

We manufacture injection molded products for a large array of markets.

  • Construction
  • Defense
  • General Use Components
  • Medical
  • Printing Equipment
  • Spray Bottle Components

Our process is designed with efficiency and quality in mind so that we deliver the best quality part at the best price possible for our customers. Let us put our knowledge to work for you as your single source for injection molded products.